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Rose Croix 31st Degree Collar

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Rose Croix 31st Degree Collar

A beautiful̴Ì_Rose Croix 31st Degree Collar̴Ì_with hand finished̴Ì_heavy embroidery. A superb piece of masonic regalia for newly perfected prince of the order.


  • High quality̴Ì_31st̴Ì_Degree̴Ì_Collar
  • Finest quality gold bullion handmade embroidery
  • 4 Inch wide beautiful white Moire ribbon
  • 14mm gold braid all over the collar
  • Stitched gold metal hook for attachment to collar
  • Clip for attachment of jewel
  • Superior̴Ì_Quality

31st degree - Inspector Inquisitor