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SINCE 1999

.➨ Regalia Lodge

In this store you will find bunch of Australian constitution masonic Regalia items including

  • NSW constitution.
  • VIC constitution.
  • QLD constitution.
  • SA & NT constition.
  • TAS constitution.
  • WA constitution.

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 You will discover your desired products with the quality you expected,in wholesale prices and with the best customer service, as we strive to put our customers first. You choosing to shop from our store is actually a trust that you put in us and we take it as a mission that must be accomplished. We will do everything we can, for you to have a pleasant experience shopping in our store and we will go above and beyond to remedy any issue that might arise. Customer is a King, according to our vision. At our store Regalia Lodge, it’s even more special. Customer is a Relation, build on trust, like any close relation. So in that sense we will treat you like a family.

                   ➣  We listen customer's unheard voice 

We know you put your trust in us. Well, we regard it and consider this thing as a big responsibility on shoulders. For being 20 years in this field, we understand the customer's time importance and concerns with the product quality. Our dedicated team work beyond the expectations to make you relax with the order you put in Regalialodge.

 Why Regalialodge 

We are very dedicated and loyal with our work in the online world of masonic regalia. To achieve our goal, each and every member of our team must be well aligned and perfectly placed. The name embodies perfection, strength, patience, and being on the level. We are using the Internet to do the outreach, educate, inspire, and connect.

➡ Universal Regalia 

In this store you will find many varieties of masonic regalia supplies from around the globe including.

  • French constitution Regalia
  • Scottish Rite
  • Japanese Regalia
  • English Regalia
  • Blue Lodge Regalia
  • Australian constitutions Regalia e.t.c