Grand Officers Undress Apron - Regalialodge
Grand Officers Undress Apron
Grand Officers Undress Apron
Grand Officers Undress Apron

Grand Officers Undress Apron


Grand Officers Undress Apron


  1. Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
  2. Assistant Grand Scribe Ezra
  3. Deputy Grand Director Ceremonies
  4. Deputy Grand Registrar
  5. Deputy Scribe E
  6. Deputy Grand Sword Bearer
  7. First Assistant Grand Sojourner
  8. Grand Director of Ceremonies
  9. Grand Inspector
  10. Grand Janitor
  11. Grand Organist
  12. Grand Registrar
  13. Grand Scribe E
  14. Grand Scribe N
  15. Grand Standard Bearer
  16. Grand Superintendent
  17. Grand Sword Bearer
  18. Grand Treasurer
  19. Metropolitan Grand Superintendent
  20. President of the Committee of General Purpose
  21. Principal Grand Sojourner
  22. Second Assistant Grand Sojourner
  23. The First Grand Principal
  24. The Pro First Grand Principal
  25. The Second Grand Principal
  26. The Third Grand Principal


  • High Quality Grand Officers Undress Apron
  • Adjustable belt with gold plated snake fitting
  • Gold plated ball and chain tassels with leather cover
  • Finest quality 4 inch royal blue ribbon
  • Complete colour shade Guarantee
  • 3 embroidered levels
  • Handmade embroidered undress emblem
  • Pocket at the rear and soft padding
  • size 16'' x 18''
  • Available in Lambskin and Imitation Leather