Collezione: Masonic Rings

Why do freemasons wear Gold Masonic Rings?

The masons wear the masonic rings to represent the purity of the Middle Chamber. The ring reminds the masons of the supreme cause that they are representing. It always reminds them of the fraternity. To the masons, these rings are more important than their wedding rings. 

The symbols on the masonic rings hold a powerful meaning. The in the middle of the rings means God or Geometry. The G symbolizes the existence of God, the designer of the universe.

  •       “Compass (to draw circles)

The compass represents the eternal world, or the world without any boundaries. It has the symbolic meaning of returning of the soul to the realm of another world which has no boundaries.

  •       “Angle or Square

The angle measures the material world or 'Earth' . The square signifies the justice the masons should do to the humanity. It is the symbol for the office of the Master of the Lodge. This symbol represents fairness, stability and a foundation for the society. 

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