Material Info

1. Guaranteed Real Lambskin Product 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Figure1: Lambskin Texture


2. Guaranteed Real Leather Product 


                                                       Figure 2: Cow Leather Texture


Regalia Lodge manufactures the premium quality of regalia with guaranteed “no compromise on quality” is the main motive. You will find many e-commerce stores which selling regalia not up to the standard or fake quality with such a high price to gain our brethren’s confidence. Being a manufacture, we have done a lot of research before jump into the market where we found awful issues faced by masons such as fake lambskin regalia is being sold as real lambskin and Imitation bags/briefcases as to real leather etc.

Therefore, we’ve explained both materials in detail below to guide our brethren to make right decision while buying products and get genuine regalia at fair price.

Lambskin and cow leather are the two most prominent materials used for making masonic regalia accessories such as aprons, bags and cases etc.

 Lambskin Leather

Lambskin Leather is basically extracted from the fur of lamb/sheep after processing through tannery; the skin is called Lamb leather without fur. It can easily be identified by touch as it feels buttery soft and delicate. Masonic apron made from lambskin is extremely soft and is of premium quality. Over the course of time, lambskin leather gets even more softer and smoother.


  • Most preferred leather due to smooth and soft fine grain, strong yet flexible and water resistant.
  • Considering its warmth and softness, Lambskin leather is very supple and light weight resilient leather.
  • Lambskin is being well-liked among lodge brethren due to its flexibility.
  • Lambskin feels like more comfortable and favorable to wear.

➥ Cow hide or Cow Leather

Cow hide is the natural skin of cow. Cow leather by nature is relatively tougher, thick and durable. It’s more durable as compare to lambskin leather because of its dense surface, thickness, more rugged and less likely to tear. It’s mostly preferred in hard apron cases or apron bags etc.


  • Cow leather feels like rougher and retains its shape
  • Surface of the cow leather is quite thicker, rugged and less likely to tear
  • It has the property of heat resistant and dirt