Who are the Freemasons and what is Masonic Regalia?

Freemasons is a mysterious community who hate tragedies, and people in trouble. They are simply professionals hidden within us, the teachers, the engineers and the scholars, anyone can be a part of this prestige organization. For long, some people have associated freemasons with Illuminati. Let us make clear that Freemasons are not Illuminati. Freemasons are an organization of professionals who are scattered worldwide with the motto of: Brotherhood, Truth and Relief. These people have helped generate, millions for the people in need and they are almost never indulge in any crime. Forget about the organization. More than 6 million people who are scattered all around the globe are inducted into the society after making sure that they have clean records.

These people believe in the existence of a higher power and unite in lodges to discuss how to take the next big step to help the world.

Freemasonry has always been mysterious because of the ways Freemasons interact with each other. They have had secret gestures and symbols since the beginning, and they have taken all the precautions to keep their darkest secrets buried within their society.

Masons believe that everyone is the world is born naked (with nothing) and can live a generous life to prepare for the end. It is the Freemasons staunch belief that there is a divine power, the supreme designer or the creator of the universe who has designed the whole universe. This is also one of the most basic requirements of the initiation.

  • How can you be a part of the masonic lodges, or the freemasonry society?

To be a part of the secret society, you should first locate a masonic lodge near you and contact them to initialize you. You should be aware that Freemasons are not out there for a new world order. These people work to make this world a better place and nothing else.


How do the masons distinguish themselves from the others?

The masonic lodges usually have a dress code. They use a certain dressing and jewelry to stand apart from the crowd. The Freemasons hold the dress code dearly and consider it an honor. Freemasonry societies usually have a reason of the symbols and the dress code attached to it, for example, white gloves on hands acknowledge the people whose hands have never been in any kind of dirty work.

This code of dress is called the masonic regalia, and it includes a lot of things. We are going to discuss that down below.


Masonic Regalia:

Masonic Regalia is the symbol of pride for the people who are working hard to make this world a better place. The masons wear the regalia to feel a deeper connection with their fellows who are there to support their cause. There are different types of the masonic regalia, some are just for the masters of the lodge while some can be worn to let others know that they are the part of the tribe.

There are a lot of Masonic Regalia, and we are going to explain some of them, starting from the head to the toe!


Masonic Crowns:

Masonic crowns are worn by the very highest-ranking superiors of the masons. The Masters of the lodge wear them to show superiority and experience. The masonic crowns show the Freemasons who they need to give respect to. The masonic lodge master wears the cap/crown to show that he has the authority and should be paid some respect.

Masonic Aprons:

The Masons know that they are doing a noble lodge, and they show it. They wear the aprons to their lodges to signify that they are working for a noble cause to humanity. The emblem inside the apron represents the purification of the soul or the heart. The Freemasons wear it as a symbol of pride for being a part of the amazing fraternity.

Freemasonry Badges:

The Masonic Badges represent the truth. They are a symbol of pride and an essence of brotherhood to the world, and the masons wear it with pride. The symbols inside the badge reflect the knowledge and the noble cause the Freemasons are doing, and it is a reminder of the oath that the freemasonry fraternities undertake people on.

Freemasonry Cufflinks:

The cufflinks are there to let the other fellow masons know about them. They give the fellows an idea about who the other person is, and that he is working for the same noble cause as his fellow. Women weren’t allowed in the freemasonry lodges, but now they seem to be a part of the group. This happened in the late 20th century. Women wear them too, to let other masons know about their cause.

Masonic Rings:

These special rings of Freemasons have special symbols that remind the masons that they are a part of something bigger. These rings also tell the other people that the wearer is a part of the voluntary organization that has taken the oath to make this world a better place. Helping the society is what the masons are sworn into and the rings remind them of that.


It is a custom for the Freemasons to wear gloves that are literally spot-free. This is to show that no harm has been done by these hands. The gloves represent the innocence and the hands of someone who believes in the divine existence of one creator.


The Freemasons are the organization who are dedicating their lives to make this world a better place. Yes, they have their secrets, but they are nothing more than a few passwords and plans to generate some money for the people who are devastated. The Masonic Regalia is kind of like a symbol for them to remind them of the knowledge and the supreme cause that being part of the freemasonry fraternity brings to them.


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