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For all of you looking for a good masonic supply store; we have something good to tell you. Masons are a part of a huge organization that is working for the well-being of the people in need.   They are the people who believe in the divine. Each year the masonic community is growing, and the need for good masonic regalia is increasing. There are not so many vendors who provide good quality regalia, and the good stores, both online and offline, offer the regalia at a hefty price. Sure, their quality is amazing, but so is their price hike.


We started our eCommerce store with a cause. We know how important the masons are to the world, and we are honoured to provide them with their regalia. Our store is different from the rest. We offer premium quality regalia at a very fair price! We might not have what it takes to become a part of the freemasonry world, but we sure can serve them with the best.


Regalia Lodge; Manufacturers of Premium Masonic Regalia:


Regalia Lodge started with a mission. We know how much the regalia means to the masons, and we want to make sure that they get the best. Have you ever wondered if you can get premium-quality regalia at wholesale prices? Well, you can now. Our service is worldwide, and we offer a guarantee. You can buy from our store, and if you are not satisfied, we will return you your money!


For the freemasonry world, it is not about the deals. We can try to make a pitch to you guys, but you will not buy it if you are not satisfied. The people who have taken a vow to help people all around the world need something more than a good deal. They need the best! Our manufacturers have been making masonic regalia for about two years now, and in these two years, they have seldom received a complaint. Quality is the top-most priority for us. If it isn’t good enough, we don’t sell it!


Discover premium regalia for a wholesale price!

Our customers are always satisfied. Our manufacturing process stresses quality control the most. We check every piece of cloth before we start to manufacture. The materials we have been brought from the best producers. The jewellery is given in the hands of the most professional craftsmen who can carve any masonic symbol your lodge requires.


But this is not new. A lot of stores before we are doing this already. To stand out from the rest, we have made our prices wholesale to the whole world! That’s right. Whatever Regalia you need, our store has it or can make it for you at a very reasonable price. We ship worldwide and our money-back guarantee is for everyone.


Our customers ask the following questions that we are going to answer to right away:


How do we keep our prices so low? Do you compromise on anything?


No, we do not compromise on anything. Our prices are low because we keep our profit margins low. We have an online store and we don’t have any costs from the retail shops. Regalia Lodge is an online store that will give you the best prices, better than any masonic regalia sale, and still deliver you premium Regalia. Compromising on quality would only mean bringing a bad name to our masonic regalia store.


Are you guys offering a sale for now, or are your prices like this the whole year?


The prices you will see on Regalia Lodge are not sale prices. These are the prices that go around all year. We put a sale on these at the time when the lodges start taking the most apprentices. Making more and more money is not our objective! Of course, no store can run without making sales, but we keep our prices wholesale and the quality premium to give back to the freemasonry world! Like we said, if we cannot be masons, we sure can make masonic regalia for them.


Can you make any custom regalia for any lodge?


We can make the following regalia: Masonic Aprons (for all lodges), Masonic Rings, Masonic Caps, Masonic Jewellery, and anything related to masonic regalia. So yes, we can make all the masonic regalia for you. You will have to contact our store and tell them what you want. No matter the place, we promise to deliver the best at your doorstep.


How do you pick the materials best for masonic regalia?


There is a long process of quality control that each material goes through. When the materials for making the masonic regalia are shipped to us, we test them out by thinking of the real-life conditions of a mason. We make one regalia and test it by, wearing it, washing it and dry cleaning it. If the regalia is not to our expectations, then we return the whole chunk of materials to our suppliers.


For the masonic jewellery, we have the best goldsmiths that have been working with masonic jewellery for years. They know when something is not good enough. They make and check the jewellery themselves to make sure that our masons get the best only. We make what you want, and your satisfaction is what keeps us going.


Making the masonic regalia is what Regalia Lodge is all about. Our products are of top-quality. That’s a guarantee. You can put down your email for us, and we will let you know when a sale on these wholesale prices are put. We put our products on sale for a limited time only, so make sure that you sign up for our newsletter to never miss out our deals.

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  • I am looking for a price on theMat which goes in front of the Alter, it is double sided one side used used in the 3 Degree the other side used in the third degree only.

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