Gold Masonic Rings and Their Significance

Why is Gold the best for Jewellery (Masonic Rings): 

Gold has always been looked at as a symbol of greatness and riches. Most people in power wear gold to represent the power and the riches that they have. Gold has been a status symbol since medieval times. In this article, we’ll tell you the significance of Gold and why masons wear gold masonic rings?

Aurum (Glow of the Sunshine) in Greek and Gold as we all know it, is a metal that is quite malleable and ductile. This means that it can be turned into any shape that man desires. People have long associated the beauty of Gold with magical powers. Egyptians were the first to realise that Gold was a rare metal that did not corrode like the rest of the metals. The Greeks confirmed the theory and since then, Gold has been one of the most precious metals that Earth has. It is still used as a foreign currency that is excepted worldwide.

The medieval people also thought that Gold has healing powers. Few cultures believed that they can heal a person from his body to his soul, if the person wore Gold in the sun. Some cultures believed that Gold can keep demons away, and it was a custom to hang gold inside the homes to keep safe. Although Gold was one of the first metals discovered by mankind (near 2600 B.C), humanity didn’t start to value and realise what these “Gold nuggets, lying in the lakes” could be.

Why do freemasons wear Gold Masonic Rings?

The masons wear the masonic rings to represent the purity of the Middle Chamber. The ring reminds the masons of the supreme cause that they are representing. It always reminds them of the fraternity. To the masons, these rings are more important than their wedding rings. 

This is the masonic symbol that represents God

The symbols on the masonic rings hold a powerful meaning. The in the middle of the rings means God or Geometry. The G symbolizes the existence of God, the designer of the universe.

  •       “Compass (to draw circles)

The compass represents the eternal world, or the world without any boundaries. It has the symbolic meaning of returning of the soul to the realm of another world which has no boundaries.

  •       “Angle or Square

The angle measures the material world or 'Earth' . The square signifies the justice the masons should do to the humanity. It is the symbol for the office of the Master of the Lodge. This symbol represents fairness, stability and a foundation for the society. 

How is a Masonic Ring made?

The masonic ring is not fully made of gold. A gold ring would be too fragile, and it will not be durable. To make a Masonic Gold Ring, gold is usually mixed with a stronger alloy. Alloys allow the Gold (Au) to be more durable and flexible, making them sturdy enough for longer use. 

That is why the cost of a Masonic Gold Ring is never determined on the bases of Gold only. It also depends upon what alloy is mixed in it, what percentage of Gold it has, and how beautiful and detailed the carvings of the ring are. For example, a Masonic Ring that is made with Gold and Platinum added as alloy, will be more expensive than the one made with an alloy of Copper.

The weight of the Rings is also determined before making it. This is done because the Apprentice Masonic Rings are different than the ones wore by the Lodge Masters. The senior members wear heavier rings with more detailed carvings.

After deciding the weight, the Masonic Symbols are carefully crafted into the rings.


How much pure the Gold should be?

The purity of gold is measured in terms of Karats. The purest of Gold has 24 Karats. 24 Karat Gold is expensive and the rarest. Masonic Rings, however, are not made of pure Gold. 24 Karat Gold is not durable as explained above. 

  • 10 Karat Masonic Gold Rings:

The ideal weight of Gold in the Masonic Rings is 10 Karat. The ring has 10 Karat Gold and the rest of the 14 Karat is some alloy. The alloy is usually decided by the buyer, and the rings are made by ordering the suppliers. These rings are sturdy and have enough durability to allow the gold-artisan to carve the symbols in the ring.

  • 14 Karat Masonic Gold Rings:

The rings with 14 Karat of Gold are more expensive than the ones that have 10 Karat. They have a ratio of 14 to 10, with 14 Karat being gold and the rest being an alloy.

  • 18 Karat Masonic Gold Rings:

These rings are the ones with the highest ratio of Gold. They might not be as sturdy but their astonishing look and reflection under the sun amaze everyone. Mostly the seniors in the lodge wear these rings. They have an 18 to 6 ratio, of Gold to Alloy respectively.

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